As part of YARMONICS we invited local people, festival audience and anyone interested in the sounds of Great Yarmouth, to contribute sounds to the YARMONICS SOUND LIBRARY.

Initially the sounds were incorporated into improvised performances by Luke Sanger and Nik Colk Void as part of YARMONICS ELECTRONIC.

Beyond the repurposing of the sounds for live performance we have created an accessible archive that provides an alternative documentation of Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area. The sounds in the archive have been donated and may be used in new projects (please follow the link to the Freesound page for copywrite details).

We will continue to collect and upload contributions to the archive for an indefinite period - you can submit your sounds (any duration, any subject, all qualities) by attaching or linking to larger files via sounds@yarmonics.com

Sounds can be listened to here and downloaded via their attributed Freesound listing. Sounds have been listed by author:

Stuart Bowditch

A selection of short percussive sounds, edited from the above collection of recordings can be found and downloaded here.

Martin Scaiff

Sophie Merritt

Stephen Schiell

Richard Fair

Oliver Payne

Phil Mill

Matthew English