Sound artist, Stuart Bowditch created the piece 'Yarcade' for YARMONICS. A partly processed sound collage of field recordings, Yarcade presents the rich and varied sounds of Yarmouth in an engaging soundscape.

The piece was presented as a stereo installation in originalprojects;gallery space as well as being available here. The indvidual recordings Stuart made have also been included in the YARMONICS Sound Archive which will be released soon.


''Yarcade is a collage made only from raw and processed field recordings made inside Great Yarmouth amusement arcades during the hot summer of 2018. A wide variety of holiday makers and seasonal workers generously agreed for their leisure activities to be recorded by Stuart. He also recorded David Perry the ‘Puppet Man’ and extracted MIDI data from his performance to trigger some of the sounds in Max for Live patches.''

Oliver Payne